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The only Middle Eastern halal restaurant in town. Experience Syrian food like never before. You wont be disappointed.

Our Story

As an experienced chef, who worked at high-end Syrian restaurants for more than 15 years, Wael has perfected traditional Syrian recipes for flavourful kababs, tasty chicken shawarma, and his signature falafel.

It’s been a hard slog. Escaping from their war-torn home took the Jomaah family several years. They ended up in a refugee camp for a short time, and then in Jordan awaiting a chance at a better life in Canada. Once the sponsorship went through they flew to Montreal, and then squeezed into a Vancouver hotel awaiting a rental opening in Chilliwack.

Despite some folks thinking he was a little crazy to risk opening a restaurant, Wael persisted with passion and drive until he was able to make it happen.

Sometimes it really does take a village. Wael’s sheer determination has been nothing short of awe-inspiring to members of the group from Broadway Church, who sponsored the Joomah family of seven, under the Government Assisted Refugee program for one year.

Members of the church, as well as the local Chilliwack muslim community, have been giving it their all, for months, to help Wael get the restaurant ready for its March soft opening. They’ve been at it day and night, blood, sweat and tears included. They helped with the renovations, paperwork, electrical, health inspections, school enrolment, painting, cash register, marketing, menus, and so much more.

Already familiar with Middle-Eastern food? Great! You’ll love his menu choices. Don’t know a kabab from a kibbeh? Simple, let Wael guide you.

“You won’t be disappointed!” - Wael

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Monday to Saturday
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For Takeout's and Reservations : 604.392.1114

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Chilliwack Kabab
45840 Yale Rd, Chilliwack BC V2P 2N8 Canada
Landmarks: Opposite to Tim Hortons & Right next to Kool Running Hair Saloon Business Hours:
Monday to Saturday : 11:00 AM to to 9:00 PM
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For Takeout, Catering, Reservations call: 604.392.1114